Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 5: Un mes en la obra misional!

In the words of mom:
Happy to report that Allie had a much better week! I talked with Cony (thru FB), a local member that takes the best care of the missionaries, and she said that she would  make sure that Allie ate breakfast! I can tell that she has lost weight but she looks great! Hopefully she will get an electric burner and be able to make herself some scrambled eggs or something. I told her that I wanted photo proof of it! Haha! I have to laugh as she writes because she is getting very spanglish. For most missionaries they spend the first year getting the language down. She's been so lucky to be able to speak it from the get go, fairly fluent, so I imagine that by the time she gets home she is really going to struggle. But that's ok! Since we moved back from Mexico, spanish is not spoken nearly enough in our home and I will welcome it greatly! Thank you everyone for your love and support!! She appreciates it so much!
In the words of Hermana Jackson:
Hey there, everyone in the real world! ;) So much to write! First, on Tuesday I went on divisions with my Hermana Lider (leader), Hermana Carswell. :) She's amazing!! She's Australian, and she is so understanding and patient! She helped me so much throughout this week, and I'm grateful for her Christ like example:)

So, we had a boy who was ready for baptism, Alexander, but when Saturday came around, his mom refused to let him be baptized. We were crushed, but we know that one day Alexander will have the opportunity to come unto Christ!

So we've been teaching a family, Héctor and Jennifer. At first, Héctor was very sure of his religión, but we taught the Restauración (Restoration) and the First Vision, and everything changed! :) We are going back to teach them tonight, so we shall see where the Spirit takes us with them! They are an increíble (incredible) family! :)

Milagro (miracle) of the week: Just as we were going to get investigators for church yesterday, we ran into 3 of our investigators right as they were leaving there house. Needless to say they came to church. ;) They had to leave right after though because they had to go and talk with the pólice because her children are trying to kick her and her grandchildren out of her house. I know she will be blessed for going to Church though! :)

So..Yesling has hid from us the past 3 Sundays.. meaning she won't be getting baptized this week. :( She's suuuuupeer positive and loves the church, she just feels embarrased and judged for listening to the missionaries. :/ We will keep working with her! She's an amazing Young woman!

This Saturday, the north and the South misión will be getting together because we have one of the 12 Apostles coming to talk with us! :D I will let you know more next week on the multimision. ;)

I know this is God's only true church! As I testify all day of the love that He has for each of His children, I come to better understand the love He showed for us as He sent His Son to die for us and to pay the Price for all of our sins. He loves us and is always waiting for us to come to Him. :)

Love you all!! Thanks for the support:)
Sinceramente y con amor, (Sincerley and with love)
Hermana Jackson:)

One month in the misión! ;D

Hermana Carswell from Australia! (She reminds me of Jess!)

Ice cream in a bag!!

Always wet, whether it is sweat, humidity or rain!!

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