Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 3: My New Buena Vista!

In the words of mom:
I had the fabulous opportunity to talk to Allie for about and hour and a half, thru emails, today. Seriously, how did moms do it before computers and internet! I know how they did it, but oh man am I so grateful for our technology! She says that her back is doing fantastic! Those are comforting words for this mama! She says that her back and her feet don't hurt (but she does have a rash on her butt from sweating and chaffing! She said that she used some powder and it helped a lot! TMI!!!) LOL! We worried that she may get blisters but so far so good! She said that it is definitely difficult, but she is loving it! I asked her why it was difficult. Was it the heat and all of the walking?? She said, "Yes! I stink, they stink, we ALL stink!! but it's fantastic!"  What I wouldn't give to be a 'fly on her shoulder bag' and walk with her and to see her in action sharing her testimony and her love of the gospel. Well.... here's to her first week in Nicaragua!! ENJOY!! :)

In the words of Allie:

Hola a todos!! Well, I made it to Nicaragua!! :D So much to tell, so little time. We had training on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I got my companion as well! :) Her name is Hermana Ajqui from Guatemala! She will be training me for the last 3 months of her mission, and she is such an example to me! She loves the work and is so bold and strong in her testimony! :) Also, my first area: Rivas! :) My area is considered "Buena Vista". :) Lots of dirt roads, people riding motos and bikes (with seats on them so they can give people rides--they're called pepanos) and lots of heat. ;) It doesn't rain, ever.. so it's SUPER hot!! Plus we only have a lunch appointment, so we don't ever have breakfast, and only a few times do we have dinner. All that matters is that I have water!! It's super tiring, we walk constantly, but I love the work and the mission! :) My home is quite nice; I shower in cold water (which is sooooo nice here because it's SO HOT!) and with a bucket, so it's always and adventure. :) I love it!
The switch to ALL Spanish has been good, but difficult at times. It is soooooo hard to understand them here! Oh my goodness! They drop their s, they mumble, and a lot of the time they speak so fast. I'm beginning to understand more though! :)
Funny story: we were walking, and this drunk man that was an investigators father kept screaming at us to come talk to him. We didn't get super close, but we sat and talked to him forever because he had all of these SUPER weird misconceptions about the church.. Then he got mad because I wasn't talking to him. ;) But once I was talking to him, he got mad because I had to keep turning to my companion because I couldn't understand his mumbled drunk words. ;) Oh the mission life in Nicaragua!
We're teaching a lot of investigators, and two or three are really progressing! Alexander is a young 8 year old boy who lives down a dirt path. His home is so humble, and he is soon to be the oldest of 4 other siblings. His mom is pregnant and has anemia, so she can't come to church, but I just love seeing how happy Alexander and all of his siblings are! They find so much joy in the little things! :) Also we contacted this older man, and he is so prepared! The only thing is, he's only here in Rivas every sunday, so it'll be hard to teach him. He's so receptive though!! :)
All of the days seem to mush together! I have seen Elder Anderson and Elder Jensen for those who were wondering! They're doing great! :) Elder Jensen is in my zone and I see him every Friday and Sunday! And Lori, Elder Anderson got his camera. :)
Well, I will be letting you all go! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! :)
Hermana Jackson

Hermana Ajqui, Me, Elder Jenson and Elder Avila!

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