Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 2 continued: Safe Arrival of Sister Jackson

In the words of mom:

The most comforting words that I could ever see are simply put:

"Safe arrival of Sister Jackson"

These words brought a mix of emotions to this momma's heart!  The biggest relief and weight were lifted off of my shoulders to know that she was safe and sound and surrounded by a huge group of other amazing missionaries a long with President and Sister Russell. Tears of joy to know that she is doing exactly what she wants to do and that she is where she has wanted to be for, well........EVER!! I've never known of another missionary that was so anxious and desirous to serve a mission, as Allie, and has dreamed of this day just as much as a girl dreams of her wedding, and that makes it hard to miss her (in a sad way) because I am so happy that she is happy! I think of her often throughout the day and each time, my heart and chest swell with joy.

Imagine my surprise as I opened my messages and saw a fabulous surprise photo from the mother of another sister missionary serving in Nicaragua. A sister member in Nicaragua took a photo of the "new" missionary (Allie) serving in her area of Rivas and sent it to this mother. Allie's first companion and trainer is Sister Adjia of Guatemala. Allie doesn't even know that I know yet! haha! Ahhh... the powers of Facebook!!!

I can't wait for Monday (P-Day) to hear from her and her first official 'Mission Field' email! I can imagine that Mondays, for the next 17 1/2 months, will be like Christmas each and every time!!

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