Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 4: A first for everything!

In the words of mom:
It's weeks like this that will tear at a momma's heart strings! Allie had a rough week. As some of you know, she has dealt with bouts of IBS. They struggle to have time to eat breakfast and dinner and it is wreaking a bit of havoc with her tummy. She told me that her tummy hurts, so she doesn't want to eat, but she knows it's hurting because she hasn't eaten. I made her promise me that she would do more than just one meal per day. I also received a Friend Request from a dear Sister member there in Rivas, today.  She said that she sees Allie almost every day (and that Allie is adorable;) and she loves and supports the missionaries there so much. She calls them every day to see how they are doing. She told me that she would see to it that Allie and ALL of the missionaries would eat better! I am so proud of Allie and her desire to serve and bring others to Christ. I know that Allie will find the happy medium that she needs to get thru the difficult days. We all know that missions are tough! They are NO JOKE! As with many things in life she will have her ups and her downs, and what a better lesson in life than this? Being on her own, in a different country, a different language, living with different companions, facing the daily challenges of working with other people, will all prepare her for whatever lies ahead in her future. She will have served her Heavenly Father Faithfully while strengthening and building her own character. The blessings are two fold. Those who receive the gospel and the lessons that Allie and EVERY missionary learns, will last a lifetime (well... eternity!) Keep her in your prayers that she will eat breakfast (haha!) but most importantly that she will have peace and be comforted in knowing that she is doing the Lord's work, regardless of the numbers! ;) Thank you so much for your loving support!! 
P.S. I was truly inspired to send those granola bars with Allie! ;)
In the words of Allie:
What a week!! Holy smokes!! I'm not even sure where to begin... First, on Tuesday, Hermana Ajqui had to go to the hospital in Managua, so we left at 7:00 am to get there in time for her appointment. Well, we were there until 4:00pm. We were running around everywhere in the hospital, and then we had to wait for like, two hours, while all of the doctors took a break for almuerzo! The best part? We didn't have any food, except for two granola bars I miraculously had in my bag! We hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch, and we barely made it home in time to make it to our dinner appointment! We were STARVING! We practically did a 24 hour fast for no reason;) But man, gallo pinto never tasted so good! ;)
Second, the rain! We've had two huge storms that have passed through, and we got drenched!! Luckily my bag's water proof bag, realllllly works! so that was a miracle;) We were under a tin roof when one of the storms came through, and the lighting flashed, and instantly the thunder followed, and it was the loudest crack of thunder I had EVER heard!! It shook the entire home!!! It's crazy! ;) The paths we walk turn to complete mud! It's quite the adventure;)
Third, Sunday's here are SO different. We walk from sun up to sundown, running all around our area to try to get investigators to church! This week, sadly, we had many investigators that did not want to come to church, so they practically hid from us. Meaning, they purposely left their house. That's one of the many  heartbreaking times on your mission, because you want them so bad to come to church because you love them so much, then they just use their agency to choose not to come. However, we did have Jose, our viejito friend, and Alexander come! :) If Alexander doesn't drink cafe this week, he'll get baptized! :) Wish us luck;)
Fourth, I GOT TO PLAY THE GUITAR. :D A member's grandson had his, and they had me play part of my mission song, and it was SUCH A STRESS RELIEVER! ;) You have no idea! Also, I rode in my first pepano (bike with a cart/seat up front to take people places) and I had my first, fresh, Nicaraguan mango! ;)
The teaching here is going great! We have some investigators who are really progressing! I can understand mostly everyone now, and I feel a lot more comfortable in my Spanish, even though I still am learning SO much everyday!! I have definitely seen the Lord's hand in my life! :)
Well, I will let y'all go. :) Que tengan una semana de exito!
Sinceramente y con amor,
Hermana Jackson:)
Our crazy district;)

 Umm... that's a legit American style school bus! We never even saw those in Mexico!! LOL!

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