Sunday, September 13, 2015

She's coming home


Update: Intinerary for Allie Jackson:

In the words of mom:

Allie will be arriving into the SLC airport Thursday evening around 7 pm (Only Brandon and I will be picking her up;) and she will be going home with us that night. We are trying to arrange an appointment for her with a local cardiologist on Friday. I had a 3 way conference call toay with a Mission Dept. Rep. and the LDS Dr. in Guatemala that will be traveling with her. He said that even tho Allie's condition is SO much better and she is... completely stable, the mere fact that she had a heart rate of 31 bpm and a low blood pressure is enough to cause alarm for them, to the point that she needs to be seen by a U.S. Doctor. Nicaragua is simply not equipped to handle these types of incidences with the speed needed to do so. That is simply why they are sending her home. This does put her for a higher risk for the possibility of not returning to Nicaragua, however the odds are in her favor that she will be able to go back out and finish her mission in a country that can provide better medical care, or within the states. 

We will get her home and take it one day at a time. I know that this is going to be hard for Allie. Her heart is in Nicaragua and it won't be quite the "party" it would be if she was completing her mission. I assume that she is going to be attending the temple, seeking out the quiet moments and maybe take a horse ride or two to clear her thoughts. Hopefully she gets back to the mission field in a short amount of time and won't have to keep herself too extremely busy.
I know that she will be happy to have visits from close friends and family, but please message me or text me for the best times to come and see her. (We may be at the hospital;)
Again, no words can express my gratitude for the prayers and fasts, both here and in Nicaragua, on Allie's behalf. We have had a tremendous outpourring of love and support. It means the world to us! Thank you! XOXO!

 Allie didn't get a P-Day this week, so the tender mercy came while she was in the hospital. She recieved the package that we sent her. Thru this I know that she could feel the love of her family and the love and support that we were giving her.


 Adios hospital room! Heading to President and Sister Russell's home. 

       Sister Russell and Allie. Brownie's and ice-cream!

             Brother and Sister Lynn. Medical Missionary Doctor and wife serving in Guatemala!

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