Sunday, September 13, 2015

Labor of love!

9/07/15 (Labor Day;)

In the words of mom:

Well, we have an official update on Allie.
I was blessed to be able to talk to her and hear her sweet voice for 15 minutes today. Allie is doing MUCH better. There are a couple of issues that they are still not exactly sure about. 1. Thyroid. She may have some issues and I believe she is being medicated for it with some thyroid boosters (?) and 2. She has Apnea. When Allie is sleeping, she sets off all of the alarms to her machines while her heart rate and blood pressure dr...op into the 30's at times. (Sleep apnea has been a bit of an issue for Allie since she was little, just never on a medical level). They give her a medication that boosts her heart rate back up and while she is awake during the day, her heart rate and her BP are normal, without medication.
SO...... with that said, Allie will be returning home on Wednesday to have further testing done at the University of Utah. We have been informed that they are ready and waiting for her arrival. Allie was heart broken, yet she is in good spirits and has great faith in her Heavenly Father and where she needs to be. I assured Allie that we will do all that is possible to get her a clean bill of health so that she can return to the mission field ASAP! At this point we are not sure that it will be to Nicaragua, but wherever she goes, is where God wants her to be.
As for all who have prayed and fasted for Allie, I have no doubt that she is in our Heavenly Father's care and he has a plan for her. For whatever reason, Allie was in the right place at the right time to find out that there was a problem. The area that she was serving in, Rivas, is 3 hours away from the hospital in Managua, where she is currently. Even tho Allie was feeling better they made a Dr. appointment for her stomache issue, just in case. Had she not gone to that appointment who knows but that she may have had an issue while in Rivas, 3 hours away and may have had an even worse outcome. God blesses us in many ways that are hard to recognize. I know that He is watching over my sweet girl and that she is being protected, I have no doubt of that.
At this point Allie will be accompanied home by the LDS Doctor and his wife that are serving in Guatamala. We are thinking that she will be escorted directly to the U of U and that she will be admitted. I do not have her intinerary yet to know just when she will be arriving at the SLC airport. I am not sure if Brandon and I will meet her at the airport or at the Hospital.
I am truly grateful for the outpouring of love and support for Allie. I will continue to keep you updated because there are so many of you who genuinely love and care for Allie and her well being. Thank you all!

Sunday morning Allie was able to get up and get showered without any assistance! She is starting to get back to her Allie self! Just after this picture was taken, President Russell came in and told her the news that she was going to go home for some further testing. My poor baby was devistated and cried. President Russell had informed me the night before, Sunday, that she would be coming home. I asked him to give her the news before I talked to her again, because I would need to be able to comfort her. We cried together. Allie's Dad cried with her and told her how proud he was of her and that he was so sorry that she was going though this, and how much he loved her.  As a former missionary, he could understand. 

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