Sunday, September 13, 2015

Just a little Hiccup!


In the words of mom:

My phone rang tonight at about 6:30. The number on the caller ID said it was coming from Florida. I said Hello and after a long pause, the voice on the other end said, "Is this Angie Jackson? "
I said, "yes".
"Hello Sister Jackson, this is President Russell of the Nicaragua Managua South mission".
My heart sank and every emotion flooded thru my body. What was wrong with my baby girl?
President Russell asked if my husband was available and if we could be on speaker phone with him. He then proceeded to tell us that Allie had been having some pain in her stomach that she thought may have been related to her previous hernia Surgery or possibly from the virus that she had had just the week before. She made an appointment earlier in the week to see a doctor, at his office in the hospital. When she arrived and was examined, they found her blood pressure and her heart rate, both, to be dangerously low. They ran some tests on her heart and put an external pace maker on her, just in case. They sent the tests to an American LDS Doctor in Guatemala and then to the University of Utah. The LDS church has a highest of quality medical networking team for missionaries. I assume they will be awaiting the results. As of right now they have given Allie meds to get her heart rate and BP back up and she is resting comfortably. Allie was able to call us and talk for about 5 minutes and she assured us that she is being well taken care of. 
Friends and family please keep her in your prayers. I will be waiting to hear of further results as well. I will keep you updated. Thank you all!

Hermana Ajqui (Allie's Companion), Hermana Jackson (Allie),
and Hermana Russell (the wife of President Russell) 

                                                                        Allies EKG
After Allie got home and was able to explain to us what happened she explained to us how they hooked up an external pace maker to her. As they hooked up the device they spent a couple of minutes, every few seconds, shocking her. It sent a large jolt thru her entire body leaving her unable to move or to speak. It wasn't until tears started running from the corners of her eyes that they realized how much it was hurting her and they turned it off. This hurt my mama heart so much to know that Allie suffered this pain.  However, in pure Allie form she can say, "I can look back now and laugh!" That's my Allie girl.

Nothing can get her down, that's for sure! What a smile in every pic!!

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